2019 : New SP2100 and DP4000 launch. New engine, better maintainability for more reliability and robustness.

2018 : Acquisition of BAURAL by Samuel PROVOST to structure the development of the company internationally, accelerate the industrialization of products and pursue the policy of innovation of machines (digitization). Alain BAUMONT and Hervé GAYRAL, the two founders, remain in the company.

2017 : Special harvester RS1600 launch.

2015-2016 : Major international development. Acceleration of exports outside Europe (Africa, South America, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, etc.).

2014 : Corn Picker CP2000 launch.

2012 : Expansion of premises to meet growing customer demand and machine development needs.

2008 : Baural straddle tractors launch.

2007 : Start-up of the versatile SP2100 combine harvester.

2004 : Launch of the most reliable dual-plot harvester on the market, the DP4000.

2000 : Expansion of premises and structuring of the design office. Baural also becomes French representative for ALMACO.

1998 : Silager SF2000 launch.

1997 : Launch of POS 4 and POS 6 self-propelling seed drills.

1995-1996 : Purchase of property and expansion.

1993 : Alain BAUMONT and Hervé GAYRAL found BAURAL by acquiring the business to their employer, SAE GEDMA ex-LACAILLE, dedicated to agricultural experiment machines. The company moved to Champigny en Beauce.