Micro-plot precision seed drills on a pneumatic KUHN base

Precise sowing for your research plots.

Our seed drills are suitable for all varieties (cereals, rapeseed, soya, corn, sunflower …).

This unique product offer a range of options from the choice of the number of rows to the adaptable row spacing.



Designed to meet your needs

Designed seed drills :


For all seed varieties


Offering several possible supply modes

Seeding unit hopper

Row distributors

Automatic magazine table


Easy to use, with autonomous battery and alternator, acoustic and visual securities, integrated reaspiration


Equipment to remove soil with notched cast iron wheels, or smooth cast iron wheels or rubber wheels

Two available versions


“Stop at plot”


Manual version with valve and handle


Semi-automatic version with electric valve and gear motor



“Non stop”


Manual cycle trigger with contactor


Manual cycle trigger with cable on winder

Additional equipment :


Chain operated start cycle


Removable cab protection


Plot by plot and row by row distributors


“Insecticide, herbicide, anti-slug” pneumatic microgranulator


Volumetric fertilizer with furrow openers or discs



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