Micro-plot straddle tractor tool carrier

From the engine to the frame, passing by transmission and equipment, we entirely create the straddle tractor tool carrier to meet your needs.

Two fonctions

Treatment – With handrail or located

Separation of rapeseed branches to make the harvest easier

Take height and enjoy a total visibility thanks to the telescopic girders overhanging the field.

Designed to meet your needs

A powerfull engine



Kubota diesel

4 cylinders

23 kW (30 ch DIN)

or 29 kW (38 ch DIN) in option



Liquid cooling system



Electrical start 12 Volts



Fuel tank of 65 liters

or 100 liters in option



Spraying equipment


Kuhn-Blanchard tank and pomp system, made of polyethylene shock-proof, with a capacity of 400 L


Standard foldable handrail for treatment of 12 m or special handrail for located treatment


Rapeseed separator


Separation system of rapeseed branches to make easier the micro-plot harvest conditions, with 4 adjustable cones and reverse driver’s seat  overhanging the field




Mechanically welded tube structure


4 telescopic girders with adjustable height until 800 mm


Foldable protection top bar


4 fixing points at the back for equipment


« Push-pull » coupling for a fast connection with the
hydraulic system

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