Self-propelled seed drills POS 4 and POS 6

Precision seeding make easy thanks to our versatile POS 4 and POS 6.

Their powerful motorization, efficient transmission and the variety of options available make them indispensable for our clients.

Designed to meet your needs

Two driving positions





Centered driver at the back

Operators on either side of the driver

Possibility to work alone in

« Stop version »





Centered driver at the front

Operators at the back of the frame

Total visibility

Simplicity and reliability


Powerful Kubota engine


Efficient transmission with 20 gears for a distance between seeds

from 1 to 80 cm


Two available seeding versions :

“Stop version” or “continuous version”


 Manual or automatical seeds supply


Belted cone distribution


Reaspiration of seeds


Authorize on french roads

Diversity of additional equipment including :


Double turbine for pneumatic transport


Air compressor


Sepeba mechanical micro-granulator


Kuhn pneumatic micro-granulator


Delimbe anti-slug


Front harrow


Disc tracer

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