Silager SF1200

The portable silager adaptable on every tractors.

Designed to meet your needs

Comfort and functionnality


Completely suited and developed by BAURAL


Efficient and robust design


Adaptable on every tractor

Quick silage and cleaning avoiding mixture


Fast row-edging


Transport as normalized size

Weighing and sampling


Foldable cyclone with large funnel


Weighing hopper of 500 liters


Access and control from driver’s seat


Transfert hopper with endless screw for a quick discharge toward the storage hopper


Sampling storage tank with an outside access


Floor conveyor with chains and bars

Header and grinding


Corn header KEMPER


Row spacing for corn at 70 to 80 cm


2 intake drums
2 pressure rollers


Foldable chute for transport


Easy and efficient blades sharpening system


Foldable header at the back of the tractor for a transport on road

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