Combine harvester DP4000

An impressive double plot harvester.

The DP4000 combine harvester, completely suited and developed by Baural, allows the harvest of two plots in one passing. It ensures a quick axial threshing and guarantees a maximum yield for rapeseed, corn and sunflower.

It is also the smallest combine of its category. Its dimensions authorize it to be driven on roads and transported as normalized size.

Designed to meet your needs

Last generation engine




136 kW (185 ch DIN) Stage V


6 cylinders with turbo


In accordance with applicable standards


Total access for maintenance


Enjoy an electronic control board inside the cabin  for optimum security

A powerful transmission


POCLAIN hydraulic wheel engine installed on a solid frame offering fixation for transport and 4 gears


SAUER hydrostatic pomp


Large tyres which allow harvesting in all conditions


She can be ratified to drive on roads and offer a maximum speed drive of 25km/h



Efficient weighing and sampling equipments with an access from driver’s seat, and double waiting and weighing hoppers


A powerful pneumatic system and a hopper of 4000 liters


Cabin with panoramic view at 191°,with shock absorber and acoustic isolatation, and heating and air conditioning


Adjustable headers for all kind of harvests

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